“It is a big step to trust someone with all of your thoughts and memories. However, Navona made me feel at ease. After talking to her, I had full confidence in her abilities as a hypnotherapist. She is friendly, open and reassuring… My favorite part of the sessions is the lasting results I have experienced. I love to work through my issues and walk away with answers and clarity regarding them.”

– Alejandra Chan, Attorney


“You were gentle and thoughtful and calm. It was clear that you’d done this sort of work before and were able to convey your expertise and love for the subject without “selling” it, which I love.”

– Elizabeth Derby, Journalist


“Navona is a gifted hypnotherapist. During our session, answers arose in me from a deep place in my subconscious and heart. I did not feel it was me speaking, but a higher wisdom that understood and offered perfect guidance and support. Because answers came from within, I know this truth and support is still with me, which is a profound comfort. Navona has the supreme gift to enable this experience, through her presence, promptings, encouragement, and intuitive understanding. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself!

– Amalia Harte, University student